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world bridge sports village

World Bridge Sports Village

World Bridge Sports Village represents a new level of contemporary living in modern Cambodia. Oxley Worldbridge (Cambodia) Co., Ltd is a joint venture between Singapore-based Oxley International Holdings and Cambodian-based Worldbridge Land (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

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how to choose your perfect property part 2 renting

How to Choose Your Perfect Property: Part 2. Renting

In the first part of our guide on how to find your ideal property, we looked at the various factors involved when buying a property. For renting, there are of course certain similarities, though with the amount of properties available to rent in Cambodia, it may be a harder decision at times.

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how to choose your perfect property

How to Choose Your Perfect Property

There can be many factors to consider when you are looking at a new property. In Cambodia, there are several groupings we can identify, depending on whether you are renting or buying. In this blog, we will look at what to consider when buying a property in Cambodia.

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title types in cambodia

Title Types in Cambodia

Even during the Covid 19 pandemic, property markets around the world remain an exciting sector to consider investing in. While some markets – such as the UK – have seen prices rise dramatically over 2020 (September saw the highest rises since 2016), other markets have seen prices fall and many developers offering special deals that can be very attractive to both individual and group investors.

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