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Koh Kong province is a traditional gateway from Hat Lek in the South of Thailand.

Situated between Cardamom Mountains base and the sea, overlooking the peninsular joined by the bridge joining Thailand and Cambodia is Koh Kong City.

Koh Kong, Magnificent River Front land For Sale In Sre Ambel

Koh Kong, Magnificent River Front land For Sale In Sre Ambel

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Beautiful Land For Sale In Koh Kong-Sre Ambel

Beautiful Land For Sale In Koh Kong-Sre Ambel

Land Size: 8000m2
Land Title: Hard Title

For Sale

Koh Kong, Magnificent River Front land For Sale In Sre Ambel

Koh Kong, Magnificent River Front land For Sale In Sre Ambel

Land Size: 39259m2
Land Title: Soft Title

For Sale

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SA00002 3

Superb Scenic Riverside Land for Sale in Srea Ambel, Koh Kong

$10.00 /sqm
Land Size: 43732m2
Land Title: Soft Title

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SA00001 2

Lovely Hard Title Land for Sale in Sre Ambel, Koh Kong

$150 /sqm
Land Size: 81500m2
Land Title: Hard Title

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Riverside Land, Sre Ambel in Koh Kong

$18 /sqm
Land Size: 12000m2

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Spectacular Beachfront Land for Sale, Bakhlong Beach in Koh Kong

$170 /sqm
Land Size: 127418m2
Land Title: Hard Title

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Beautiful Riverside Land For Sale with Fantastic Mountain Views in Sre Ambel, Koh Kong


For Sale


Land for Sale, Srae Ambel in Koh Kong

$250 /sqm
Land Size: 3200m2

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Land for Sale, Trapeang Rung in Koh Rong

$210 /sqm
Land Size: 5000m2

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Prime Real Estate Land for Sale in Koh Kong

$200 /sqm
Land Size: 23466m2

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Sizeable Riverside Land for Sale in Koh Kong

Land Size: 120000m2
Land Title: Soft Title

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Land for Sale, Srae Ambel in Koh Kong

$113 /sqm
Land Size: 11520m2

For Sale

Large Land for Sale in Srae Ambel in Koh Kong

$125 /sqm
Land Size: 8000m2
Land Title: Hard Title

For Sale

Land for Sale in Srae Ambel in Koh Kong

$130 /sqm
Land Size: 5400m2

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Exceptional land for sale in Koh Kong


Off the Beaten Track with Cambodia’s Largest Airport

Koh Kong province is a traditional gateway from Hat Lek in the South of Thailand.

Situated between Cardamom Mountains base and the sea, overlooking the peninsular joined by the bridge joining Thailand and Cambodia is Koh Kong City.

The area is a growing eco-tourism hub due to its stunning surroundings, with its lush rainforest running through the mountains in South East Asia’s most significant successional forested region.


Traditionally Koh Kong has been reliant on agriculture and related sectors, with a range of manufacturing output on a relatively small scale and a service sector centred on trading activities and catering services.

However, in recent times significant investment has come in, creating various opportunities for foreigners to buy or invest in land in Kong Kong and numerous commercial opportunities.

Koh Kong – What to do

The riverside has a pleasant promenade for walks with street vendors offering up various refreshments and snacks along the way.

From here, you will see the 2-kilometre bridge that links Cambodia and Thailand.

On the left of the promenade, a local, covered market has a good selection of food stalls and local eateries. Further along, you come to a smaller bridge overlooking a quaint floating fishing village.

Also, while you are in town, a visit to the vibrant Psar Leu food stalls in Koh Kong City centre is a must, where low-cost bites and fresh fruit are available all day, every day. After work hours, you will find all kinds of locals and residents hanging out eating BBQ and drinking beers into the evening.

The Great Outdoors

There is an abundance of activities for residents and tourists to suit all kinds of age groups and plenty of ideas for commercial entrepreneurs.

The Cardamom mountains are the key to many of these activities.

This spectacular mountain range offers up incredible dirt-biking trails that take in waterfalls, the views of the mountains and stop through local villages to enjoy the local hospitality in a variety of ways.

Fishing on the river is another peaceful pastime, even though the pure and well-managed ecosystem here provides the area with large populations of sizeable fish to provide plenty of angling action.

Tour operators and locals offer the opportunity to make camping trips along the river; some of these can be from two to five-day excursions far into the trails.

Jungle trekking and hiking are very popular given the lush jungle surroundings, and a visit to the Tai Waterfall on the Great River provides a great way to relax after a long hike or trek.

It is the perfect place to spend the late afternoon. Here is also a popular picnic place where locals bring fresh shrimp and crab, and fruits are readily available from the nearby market. Cool off under the waterfall and head back to town.

Koh Kong Island

Only 10km south of the City is Koh Kong Island. Unbeknown to many, it is Cambodia’s largest island.

Its golden sands, turquoise waters and swaying palm trees present a hidden gem of Cambodia and, not having been fully developed, represents an idyllic day or weekend break.

There are camping options on the island and a hotel and resort with further tourist developments under current consideration.

The Long Bay Project

For foreigners looking to invest inland in Koh Kong or looking at buying a villa or house in Koh Kong, there are game-changing developments opening doors for investors, entrepreneurs, retirees, and everyone in-between.

Long Bay Resort Project has already provided over 800 jobs in the local community and will create demands that reach thousands over the coming 24-36 months.

The project raises the profile, not only the area but also the platform for other commercial businesses and ventures in the area.

The project includes luxurious hotel complexes, leisure centres, entertainment and an international golf course, but for many residents and would-be residents, something of vital importance; Western standard health care.

The complex also opens the pathway for a new port that will invite cruise ships and include several apartment buildings and hotels.

To give foreign investors an idea of the possibilities for land and commercial investment, this project alone is two million square meters and will attract a massive influx of tourism, with many new sub-sectors that can thrive off in the future.

Dara Sakor – Cambodia’s Largest Airport?

A surprise for many, but not for LUX. We have been monitoring this development for a considerable time.

The US$350 million airport development will handle long-haul aircraft that will supply the new demand for the luxury Long Bay resort and the area in general.

These will include Airbus A340s and Boeing 777s. The airport itself covers 4.5 hectares of Botum Sakor land near the Gulf of Thailand.

Although Phnom Penh handles most business and tourism travel, Dakor Sakor will supply substantial physical traffic for businesses on the island(s). The airport and projects should give a potential investor an idea of where this and nearby islands listed with Lux are heading.

Koh Kong Real Estate

Koh Kong represents one of South East Asia’s islands that will see incredible upside in the next decade and beyond.

New developments and infrastructure is leading this island to become a powerhouse destination.

Koh Kong already offers land for rent and sale, opportunities to buy or rent hotels, guesthouses, bungalows, new and old villas and houses, shophouses and more.

Reasons to Invest in Koh Kong

Substantial Tourism Potential

In comparison to the coastal provinces of Sihanoukville, Kampot and Kep, Koh Kong’s coastline is the longest. The coastline is 440 kilometres, and Koh Kong is the largest island with a total land area of 103km2.

With 10 waterfalls, it has immense commercial and subsequent residential, resort and condominium possibilities, with all the other commercial enterprises that follow-on from those.

Koh Kong will soon be on global travel destination for package holidays.

Adequate and Improving Infrastructure

The National Road No.48, which serves access from the island to the land border with Thailand, is undergoing further development with various ideas about creating areas along the road for nature lovers to visit.

New Sizeable Investment Projects

A new SEZ Special Economic Zone is receiving investment; the location will be in Botum Sakor Park, Koh Kong.

The economic zone will offer a new wave of commercial business opportunities as several factories and living quarters for staff will make their way into the market.

The Sre Ambel River

The Sre Ambel River runs through the town. One of the county’s most idyllic flora and fauna areas. Fantastic wildlife and now home to a new government directive that has seen the successful breeding of Royal turtles.

Until 2000 The Royal Turtle was believed extinct in the Kingdom when a group from the Cambodian Fisheries Administration rediscovered them.

Since then, a government initiative is now in place, where former egg poachers now protect nests, generate employment, and successfully breed the turtles.

Lux has access to vast tracts of land on the Sre Ambel River, ideal for commercial or residential development. On the commercial side, an eco-resort would be a perfect idea considering the government initiatives.

Someone looking to bring tourism to the town, which also has investment opportunities and accommodation for rent and buy, would be welcomed by the local government.

The Sre Ambel River through Lux offers a unique opportunity for the right investor, as do all the beachfront options in Koh Kong, be sure to call us, and our experts in the area will explain in detail what is available.

Land Ownership Rules in Cambodia

Foreigners can buy and invest in property and land in Cambodia.

There are four classifications of ownership in the Kingdom.

Hard Title – Soft Title – LMAP (Land Management and Administration Project) Title and Strata Title.

Lux have an innovative Land Investment Service that is unique to Cambodia. If you are a foreign investor, you need to fully understand the legalities and benefits of the different ownership options. So be sure to speak to your Lux expert to get fully informed.

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