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If you are interested in buying properties in Cambodia for renovation, take a look at our listings down below.

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KPT00093 2
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$446 /sqm
Kampot > Makprang
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Parking: 1
Floor Space: 60m2
Land Size: 560m2
Land Title: Hard Title

For Sale

KPT00069 5
$235 /sqm
Kampot > Sovann Sakor
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Parking: 2
Floor Space: 40m2
Land Size: 1064m2
Land Title: Hard Title

For Sale

$6000 /sqm
Chaktomuk > Daun Penh > Phnom Penh
Bedrooms: 45
Land Size: 480m2
Land Title: Hard Title

For Sale

KPT00040 13
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Rental Term: 2 Years
Floor Space: 339m2
Land Title: Hard Title

For Sale

Land Size: 299m2
Land Title: Hard Title

Buying Property in Cambodia for Renovation

At Lux, we regularly have buildings, hotels, office blocks, apartment blocks, shophouses, and individual apartments that renovation work is either a necessity or, in some capacity, a requirement for the new owner(s).

With renovations, no two projects are the same, so assessment is the key to ensuring you get the right advice and guidance to replicate what you want to achieve with the space you are looking to purchase.

At Lux, we take a pragmatic approach to each listing and advise our clients accordingly.

For the older buildings, structural consideration is paramount, whereby younger, more modernised buildings that have purely been mistreated or run down by owners or tenants need a different approach and materials to get the finished product.

We get a wide array of listings, and these require different aspects of renovation to ensure the result is what our clients desire.

We consult with different companies depending on the location we are dealing with; as local knowledge can make the difference when taking on projects.

Obtaining the right tools, materials, and suppliers at the right price can considerably change a client’s renovation budget.

Many companies on the market can do varying degrees of renovation and are specialists in their own right on specific requirements.

Therefore, the difference can be advising our clients who does the best job for particular areas of renovation work or contacting a company that will quote and complete all the work themselves.

Our job is to fully understand your business plan and what you want to achieve, and in what time frame to assess who we recommend.

At Lux, we always stress communication and clarity is key between an agent and their customer, especially with renovation projects.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in entering the market at a low level, especially in this economic climate as it is a buyer’s market.

We will give you options, consultancy and advice to ensure you make an informed decision.

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