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Situated in the Gulf of Thailand just a few hours from the shores of Sihanoukville by boat is Koh Rong.

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Business-Hotel Beach Front For Rent Or Sale In Koh Rong

Business-Hotel Beach Front For Sale In Koh Rong

Bedrooms: 14
Bathrooms: 14
Year Built: 2010
Land Size: 5000m2
Land Title: Hard Title

For Sale

Business-Boutique Resort For Rent or Sale Located at the end of White Beach, Koh Rong

Business-Boutique Resort For Rent or Sale Located at the end of White Beach, Koh Rong

Bedrooms: 11
Bathrooms: 12
Year Built: 2011
Land Size: 10000m2
Land Title: Hard Title

For Rent


Beach Land in a Prime Location For Sale on Koh Rong

Per Month
Land Size: 10000m2

For Sale


Land For Sale near Sok San Beach on Koh Rong

$100 /sqm
Land Size: 1700m2

For Sale


Beachfront Land For Sale Royal Beach On Koh Rong

$900 /sqm
Land Size: 1673m2

For Sale


Sea View Land For Sale on Koh Rong

$90 /sqm
Land Size: 6232m2
Land Title: Hard Title

For Sale


Mountain Land For Sale with Sea Views in Koh Rong

$120 /sqm
Land Size: 18000m2

For Sale


Land For Sale Near Planned Airport in Koh Rong

$147 /sqm
Land Size: 4416m2
Land Title: Hard Title

For Sale


Land for Sale Near Pagoda Beach on Koh Rong

$59 /sqm
Land Size: 5500m2
Land Title: Hard Title

Cambodia’s Island Paradise

Situated in the Gulf of Thailand just a few hours from the shores of Sihanoukville by boat is Koh Rong.

The island offers idyllic white sandy beaches and alluring turquoise waters that are steadily gathering momentum with tourists to the country.

The attraction of the laid back way of life appeals to both tourists, retirees and business-minded people.

The island started to become popular even when there were minimal roads, had no ATM’s and had regular power cuts.

However, with many infrastructure plans approved, new resorts and new villas for sale in Koh Rong, the opportunity to get involved in either buying a house or villa or looking at renting or buying a hotel or resort in Koh Rong and land is now a reality for foreigners.

The island boasts 43 kilometres of sublime beaches with new purpose-built accommodation multiplying at a rapid pace.

Koh Rong is one of the main areas Lux is focusing on for land investment opportunities for foreigners. With vast tracts of land available for commercial and residential development.

Koh Rong has become a favourite getaway destination for many resident expats in Phnom Penh to get away for the weekend. Now with improving amenities and infrastructure, a more comprehensive range of accommodation options are available.

Koh Rong – Untouched Opportunities

Koh Rong is one of those weekend destinations that make you want to extend your stay and not leave.

Monkey Island

New accommodation started to appear in line with the general construction and real estate boom from 2010 in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

The company behind the new accommodations were ‘Monkey Republic’, the backpacker institution based out of Sihanoukville. They now provide a steady flow of speedboats to the islands.

Koh Rong represents the kind of island that is almost impossible to find in neighbouring countries like Thailand and Vietnam that have become saturated over the last few decades.

A paradise’s skyline untarnished with high-rise hotels or apartments, the islands still hold their charm.

One of the main attractions for foreigners is underwater life. Under the moonlight, phosphorescence is visible; this results from bioluminescent plankton, which is only visible at night, a unique and rare colourful sight.

Long Set Beach 

Along with the bioluminescent plankton is an abundance of aquatic life. It is now drawing an ever-growing community of divers from around the globe seeking a less touristy dive.

The island now boasts ‘The Dive Shop’ located on Koh Rong and neighbouring Koh Rong Samloem.

Long Set Beach represents an opportunity to see the little known sea creature called ‘Nudibranches’. These are a group of soft-bodied marine molluscs that, after shedding their shells, reveal some of the most stunning colours of any ocean creature. A rare treat even for the most experienced of snorkelers and divers.

Exploration is another attraction for entrepreneurs looking at commercial opportunities. With seven bays and 28 beach fronts, there is scope for the future for many land ownership and development ideas.

Many locals prefer to get around by boat, but the islands have many trekking trails and paths becoming more popular.

Koh Toch Village and its ECO Push  

Koh Toch village and beach is located at the South-western tip of the island. Here we have seen an explosion of recent developments with no sign of slowing down.

As with any untapped island, when tourism starts flooding in, there can be little in the way of mechanisms for controlling pollution in place, and it became an issue in the area.

The island became a bit of a party area, so both physical and noise pollution were rife. However, the locals took the initiative to help clean up.

Several initiatives have been put in place, with business owners working together.

Simple ideas such as replacing plastic throw-away cups with re-usable ones have been welcomed throughout the island and sold as souvenirs.

A small medical centre has been created and a veterinary that has helped control the stray dog population. Also, a new education centre for the locals to come and learn English to support communication with the increase in tourism and teach health, social and eco-friendly ideas has been established.

New Developments

Although some fear that the islands unspoiled beauty could be under threat from development, a certain level is required to attract all-year-round residents.

The government have released large portions of the island for 99-years leases.

And already, an investment conglomerate is pushing ahead with a US$285 million project.

The project will attract homebuyers and create many more recreational activities for tourists and people living on the island.

The project consists of a new 5-star hotel, casino and water park, 600 villas, a town, and a resort. Various amusements facilities are proposed along with a golfing area, new windsurfing facilities, restaurants, sports facilities and much more.

With a project of this size on an island, infrastructure to accommodate it was part of the proposal put forward. Alongside it will be creating 70km of road and a complete overhaul of the electric grid and a new airport.

So, this project alone stands foreign investors in good stead to look at potential business opportunities, a more comprehensive range of property to buy and more amenities, conveniences and recreational activities to enjoy.

Whilst this project has been underway for some time. Still, new lower-end scale bungalows and smaller resorts have been being built, so the future looks bright to attract a wide range of tourism from budget to 5-star.

Koh Rong Real Estate

Koh Rong is on the move, and its islands represent the last bastion of South East Asia’s islands that still have plenty of upside for land investment for residential and commercial development.

Here lies the same opportunities that people found themselves in places like Koh Samui and Phuket 30 to 40 years ago. A time where we all wish we had been in a position to have bought tracts of land for residential or commercial development in those places and cashed in on the subsequent heavy tourism that followed.

Koh Rong is perfect for anyone looking at land for rent and sale, buying or renting, hotels, businesses, camping areas, guesthouses, bungalows, houses, villas, shopfronts and more.

Lux finds itself in a fantastic position with numerous hard title land opportunities on various beaches on the islands.

Long Beach

Formerly called Sok San Beach after the fishing village nearby has been developed for several years now and now commonly referred to by expats as Long Beach.

The beach has pristine white sand stretching for miles, with swaying palm trees and crystal turquoise water; it is known as Koh Rong’s tropical getaway.

This beach represents many opportunities from businesses such as guesthouses or bungalows to rent or buy and hard title land to own and develop on.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is located in Prek Svay Village and is host to the US$1000 per night Song Saa Resort on a close by island.

The resort has set the standards for the locals to understand waste management from tourism and provides both medical care and has education facilities.

So, this area represents another ideal location to buy or rent beachfront land or consider buying a business as the resort attracts high-net-worth tourists, resident expats elsewhere in Cambodia and businesspeople getting away from the city after their business meetings have taken place.

The area is also a centre for marine conservation, so anyone with an idea to set up any form of eco-tourism or resort, this island would welcome it, and you would fit right in. Due to this, you have many NGO resident’s living and spending here.

Long Set Beach

Or ‘4 Kilometer Beach’, as expats have renamed it. The beach itself is a serene 30-minute walk from Koh Toch.

Behind the beach are coconut, cashew and mango trees aplenty, and you are surrounded by lush jungle. Long Set has not been over commercialised but has plenty of land investment opportunities.

The beach is easily accessible, relaxing and offers high-end accommodation for rent and sale.

Koh Rong island has 22 beaches, and the vast majority have land for sale and businesses for rent. Some of these rentals also include a square meterage of the jungle behind the beachfront land.

With so many options, contact your Lux island expert today for all our land investment opportunities in Koh Rong.

Land Ownership Rules in Cambodia

Foreigners can buy and invest in property and land in Cambodia.

There are four classifications of ownership in the Kingdom.

Hard Title – Soft Title – LMAP (Land Management and Administration Project) Title and Strata Title.

Lux have an innovative Land Investment Service that is unique to Cambodia. If you are a foreign investor, you need to fully understand the legalities and benefits of the different ownership options. So be sure to speak to your Lux expert to get fully informed.

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